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Artist presentation

Anna R Kinman is a Swedish artist working in ceramics and bronze for public and private spaces. Her work depicts a fascination with the lines in nature that can also be found in our human, wordless communication, in gestures and body language. 

Both the wild and the cultivated inspire her and she has worked in collaboration with landscape/garden artists, dancers, and chefs. As an artist she can see many connections between sculpture and music, such as long lines and complexity, heaviness and lightness, rhythm and pulse. Even in large sculptures, she strives for lightness and grace and wishes to capture a sense of motion and direction. Strength and fragility are equally important. Sensuousness, honesty and courage are essential in her working process.

She holds a Master of Arts in Music Performance (2001) and a Master of Fine Arts in Music Education (1998) with studies in Sweden, Italy and Denmark. She has studied ceramic art and craft through courses at Capellagården, Bohusläns folkhögskola, etc. Bronze casting techniques with Master Jonas Högström. 

Her ceramic and bronze works can be found in Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.